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Non Medication Methods of Fighting Anxiety

Truth be told, the use of medication today seems to have reached toxic levels. A case in point is when it comes to folks suffering anxiety every so often whereby the doctor’s prescription always seems to be the first line of defense. This is the wrong way to go around this considering there are medication free alternatives in the 21st century. Keep reading this article if you desire to learn more.

A sedentary kind of living is infamous for causing anxiety and no wonder that health enthusiasts are always singing of the importance to exercise. A direct correlation exists between anxiety and exercising now that you will remain in high spirits thanks to the neurotransmitters generated courtesy of an active lifestyle. Exercising is also a good way to stamp out stressful hormones that are the culprits behind triggering anxiety. If you desire to take your mental health a notch higher, exercise is definitely the way to go.

Nutrition is something you cannot afford to overlook as it is among the effective stress fighters. Folks that are magnesium deficient are prone to disorders caused by anxiety. It’s somewhat sad that magnesium is wiped off from majority of foods as a result of the processing procedures. Should you think that this mineral is lacking in your body, consult a doctor near you now that magnesium supplements can help.

Another effective way to beat anxiety is using breathing exercise. Hyperventilation is something that people prone to panic attacks are all too familiar about and the good thing is that breathing exercise helps in calming the body and thus reduce chances of hyperventilation happening. In order to always maintain the proper carbon dioxide balance, slowly breathe in using the nose followed by an exhalation in a pursed lip manner.

Though weird, shouting is among the ways that can help you fight anxiety. It would be for your own good to do this in a private area lest people think you have gone nuts. If you desire to let out any pent up negative energy, making shouting your second nature will come in handy. You could as well punch pillows as this is a fun activity that will ensure stress gets no breathing space.

It would also help to know the triggers that make you stressed. As you go through the day, note down thoughts that stress you as this will help you know what you need avoid. It is along the same lines that you are encouraged to keep a record of things that make you happy and aim at doing them more often. With such a list, you can be sure that you will know of the buttons to push so as to stay anxiety free.